Внезапно прошлым летом. Еще один отчет.

В оригинале отчет длиннее, поэтому я взяла из него самое основное, связанное с Гейлом. По ссылке на источник отчет полностью.
Кстати в нем упоминается встреча Сандры (автора) и Джеки, чей отчет я постила ниже.


Heaven and hell in NY-2007 by carbon69

My adventures in NY in 2007
Heaven and hell in NY-2007 bycarbon69

I arrive at the theatre and look around and ring Julie and Julia and they direct me to the café where they were. It was great to see
them again and they informed me that they had seen Gale earlier on!
We then made our way to the theatre and went inside. We decided to go and listen to a talk about Tennessee Williams and the play,
which was quite informative and interesting. After the talk we all made our way into the theatre and found our seats. Julia and I
were on the right hand side of the theatre and Julie was on the left side. We agreed to meet at the cloakroom after the play and
made our way to our seats. I was on the 2nd row at the end on the right hand side of the theatre and Julia was on the row behind
me. I could not believe how close I was to the stage and neither could Julia. Before the play started an usher came and asked if I
wanted move to the centre as there were some empty seats but I declined. Julia noticed an empty seat on the first row and asked if
she could move there and he said yes…so she moved!
The play begins and after a while...WOW…. GALE WALKS ON STAGE!!! I must admit to holding my breath for quite a while. My
heart was
pounding faster and faster…He was breathtaking! I admit to not hearing a single word for about 5 minutes…allI could think was
“I am in the same room with Gale Harold!”…

I eventually remembered to breathe and concentrate a bit more on the play but I could not take my eyes off him! Luckily for me I
know the play and the film so …yaaaaay! I thought his performance was very good, but I have to say I prefer MONTGOMERY
CLIFT…and the film...so shoot me!
I am really suffering by this time with my abscess and although I am enjoying seeing Gale I really want to leave and get some pain
relief! The play ends and Julia and I make our way to the cloakroom to meet Julie and then we make our way outside. There are a
few people waiting outside the entrance and we take our place waiting for Gale to come out. I am not really sure if he will come out
because of all the reports I have read about certain so called fans and their behaviour.
A security guard/bouncer then comes out and says…"No pictures of Gale, please!" and I think…oh my god he is coming out!!…I
think I am gonna faint and my mouth is killing me but no way am I going anywhere!
Then suddenly he is there! He is so tall and slim…He is making his way down the line, talking and signing things for people…then
he is up to Julia and Julie…then me! I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I SAID TO HIM! (I think I said I enjoyed the play and I think he said
you, but I really don’t know) but I gave him my program and he asked my name…I told him and looked into his eyes…(I WAS
GONE!) and he repeated it and he signed my program. I know I said thank you and turned away. I was literally shaking…I had to
move away before I made a fool of my self! His eyes are truly beautiful and his skin so perfect and his voice so
soft…aaaaarrrggghhh! Can I say sex on legs? Oh yes...he really is!

We continued to watch from a distance and then he was gone.
As I mentioned my mouth was getting worse and IT WAS BLOODY FREEZING!…I am sure it was colder in New York that night than
it was in Toronto around the same time of year and there was 4ins snow there as well! Anyway me being me had not really dressed
for the weather…but not to worry…I met Gale!
We were talking to Jackie and her mom from Australia and this lovely lady noticed I was feeling bad and helped me back to the
hotel, stopping off for some takeout food (I had not eaten since breakfast on the plane) on the way and she gave me a couple of
long sleeved tops and some painkillers and I made my way to bed and oblivion, still hardly believing that I actually met him!

Then it is decided that we will go along to the theatre to see Gale arrive for the matinee performance and as we are walking to the
theatre we decide to see if we can get matinee tickets…why not?
We are lucky enough to get 4 tickets not seated together but we were pleased with them. As we are paying for the tickets Pat or
Julia is nudging my side , she nods her head behind me, I look... and Gale is entering the theatre…he is stopped by a girl asking for an autograph so we gaze on adoringly…(Of course!)
He looks a bit embarrassed as he cannot understand what she is saying to him, (she was from somewhere in Asia) I could see him
almost blushing but he is patient and kind with her and signs an autograph for her and gave her a hug. Lovely!
We make our way to our seats and I am on the left side of the theatre this time about 10 rows back. While we are waiting for the play
to start I look at my evening ticket and wonder of wonders it is the same seat! What a lovely surprise! Julia gets talking to two ladies
who had heard her accent and they were really surprised to find out that so many people from all over the world would come to
New York just to see a man in a play!
The play starts and once again I hold my breath when he comes onto the stage…but I soon get into the play and manage to see a
bit more this time. It is good seeing it from a different angle as you see things you have missed. We start to head out after the play
was over and the two ladies we were talking to waylay me. They did not really understand the play and said they could not
understand the southern accent! I wondered how they thought I understood it then, after all...they were American! Anyway I gave
them my take on it…Not sure how they took it but I advised them to see the film and read the play as well. Just call me Sandra
Kinney theatre critic!
We wait outside again and watch him sign autographs and it is lovely to see him so relaxed and smiling, he looks really happy but
seemed somewhat perplexed at all these fans from all over the world coming to see the play just because he is in it. I ask him to
sign a program for my friend, which he does. I thank him and tell him I enjoyed his performance.
I head back to hotel to change and see if my luggage has arrived…why am I not surprised? …Still no sign of my luggage, change
trousers, mouth still killing me, take more painkillers…sorted!
Make my way back to the theatre, meet Julie and Julia and go to see the evening performance…Wonder of wonders…when I get to
my seat…there is someone in it…the usher checks my ticket and says she thinks I am further forward…ok thinks I…then she sees
someone in that seat too…says she thinks there is a smudge on the ticket…I end up on the first row…of course I am
disappointed… NOT!
Feel like the cat who got the cream! So I get to see Gale and from another angle…and close up again! Lucky me!
We meet outside and wait for Gale to come out…he signs a program for my neighbours…he asks where my accent is from I tell him
Manchester, UK…he says he thought so with a grin…(Pat says that while he was talking to me, some of his saliva sprayed on
me-so I had some of his DNA!-lucky me.) I thank him and say I won’t bother him again…he just smiles and says OK and I move
back and watch him interact with the fans.
Pat and Shellie are outside waiting and when Gale has left, we make our way to some place that they know…Pat says it is a
surprise and we will like it…we do! It’s the Vlada Bar…a gay bar-my idea of heaven I think!


Imagine my surprise when I loooked round the corner and see Gale, heading towards me! I tried to get Julies's attention but she
did not hear or see me.
When he passed me I said "Goodnight Gale." He did not hear me, so I said a little louder "Gale!"
He turned round a little startled so I just smiled and said "Goodnight." He smiled and said "Goodnight." Then he took off like a bat
out of hell across the road!

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be safe
спасибо, Таня))
читать дальше

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NataliM, аха) и это я еще половину из текста выкинула. Хотя у нее там с багажом прикольно получилось. Он все время ждал ее в аэропорту Кенеди))))

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